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双屏显示会报错,无法指定在某个显示器上运行实验程序 - lansettt - 07-14-2022

output devices, screen_o的device index无论选择1还是2都无法运行。按下面提示,在.m文件中添加Screen('Preference', 'SkipSyncTests', 1) 后,可以运行,但一开始会显示感叹号。


WARNING: Couldn't compute a reliable estimate of monitor refresh interval! Trouble with VBL syncing?!?


One or more internal checks (see Warnings above) indicate that synchronization
of Psychtoolbox to the vertical retrace (VBL) is not working on your setup.

This will seriously impair proper stimulus presentation and stimulus presentation timing!
Please read 'help SyncTrouble' for information about how to solve or work-around the problem.
You can force Psychtoolbox to continue, despite the severe problems, by adding the command
Screen('Preference', 'SkipSyncTests', 1); at the top of your script, if you really know what you are doing.

WARNING: This session of your experiment was run by you with the setting Screen('Preference', 'SkipSyncTests', 1).
WARNING: This means that some internal self-tests and calibrations were skipped. Your stimulus presentation timing
WARNING: may have been wrong. This is fine for development and debugging of your experiment, but for running the real
WARNING: study, please make sure to set Screen('Preference', 'SkipSyncTests', 0) for maximum accuracy and reliability.

RE: 双屏显示会报错,无法指定在某个显示器上运行实验程序 - admin - 07-15-2022

1)Screen('Preference', 'SkipSyncTests', 1);的问题是你电脑的设置问题,估计是显卡驱动啥的没处理好。



RE: 双屏显示会报错,无法指定在某个显示器上运行实验程序 - admin - 09-06-2022